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Submitted on: 12 May 09

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Super Green Web Host Review

Based from the name alone, you would already have an idea that SuperGreen has a ‘green’ or environmentally-friendly campaign. But when you compare the web hosting services provider by a green with a non-green company, which one ends up giving the best value for your money? That is what we will try to discover in this review.

First, let us try to learn more about how SuperGreen started as a web hosting provider. The company is actually a relatively new player in the web hosting industry. However, they did join the green web hosting bandwagon when the awareness for the need to take measures in saving the environment was at its peak – so you can say that they are pioneering in that field.

The headquarters of SuperGreen is located in the United Kingdom and their data center is in Glendale, California.

When you subscribe to a green web hosting company like SuperGreen, should you expect much in terms of the features included with the web hosting packages that they offer?

SuperGreen is also a fan of the one-plan-price web hosting package, so they came up with the SuperGreen Unlimited plan. Here, you will get unlimited hosting space, e-mail accounts, bandwidth and MySQL databases. You can also host unlimited domains and there are a lot of free stuff included – like domain transfer, site builder, script library and even the setup is instantaneous and free.

Now, let us check on just how reliable SuperGreen is as a web hosting company. Basically, they do offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee – which means that the sites that they are hosting will be up almost a hundred percent of the time.

Another great way to determine the reliability of a web hosting company is to check on the quality of the data center that they use. For SuperGreen, they do utilize high-quality Dell servers which include efficient hardware and software components. They have an excellent backup system, the data center is physically secure and their servers are not just fast but also have 20% less CO2 output than the typical servers used by non-green web hosts.

Customer Support:
On the website of SuperGreenHosting, you can gain access to the all-in-one Help Center if you have basic questions about the service. You can also get in touch with them over the telephone, through e-mail or via the live chat support option that they have.

Control Panel:
SuperGreenHosting employs the ever-reliable cPanel control panel which is the control panel of choice among many website administrators. Not only is the cPanel easy to use, but it will also allow you to maximize the potential of your site through its user-friendly interface.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company which is not just reliable but also allows you to do your share in helping save the environment, then you won’t regret going with SuperGreenHosting.

Their one priced unlimited web hosting plan is great for any type of website, their service is extremely reliable, their support for their customers is friendly and professional and the operations that they have is environmentally friendly – these and more are the benefits that you will get to enjoy by going with SuperGreenHosting, so check out their site now and test the services for yourself.

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