I’m sure some of you are familiar with the concept of reseller web hosting. Most of the reseller programs from the popular web hosting companies out there offer cPanel as their standard web hosting control panel, but based on my research the majority of them cost a fair bit of money per month for very few number of cPanel accounts. Not only that, but they will typically impose a limitation on the amount of storage or bandwidth your customers can use. I’ve searched the net far and wide and the only company that offers you a chance to get into the cPanel reseller game cheaply is Resellerspanel.

They have this offer called “Unlimited cPanel Reseller Hosting” that starts off as cheaply as $6 /month for 6 cPanel accounts!

If you need more cPanel accounts you can easily upgrade to higher tier plans.

The new line of unlimited reseller hosting plans is a great solution for resellers who want to offer a competitive service on the unlimited feature-happy hosting market. The packages offer unmetered amounts of disk space and monthly traffic, as well as unlimited hosted domains, unlimited MySQL / PgSQL databases, FTP accounts, email addresses, etc. All hosting accounts are placed on fast, enterprise-grade SSD drives. Depending on the plan, you can manage between 15 and 200 customers under one reseller hosting account.

The cPanel unlimited reseller hosting plans offer bonus disk space and traffic resources as well as a free dedicated IP address for your own reseller store. You will also get exclusive free bonuses, among them the Softaculous Script Installer, the SitePad Website Builder, the Attracta SEO tools, a free domain reseller account, etc. Your customers can also take advantage of a free SSL certificate for their website(s)

As with their non cPanel reseller program you once again get access to multiple data centers across the world. They have a data center in the US, UK, Finland, Bulgaria, and Australia. You can place your customers in a data center that is closest to them for the best customer experience.

If you dream of starting your own web hosting company this is a good way to start small and one day grow big.

Checkout the Resellerspanel Unlimited cPanel Reseller Hosting website for details and to sign-up!

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